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MFH is a Accounting Company in Pretoria that also specializes in Forensic Accounting and Farud Investigations. Using our accounting services and tax expertise, we can help you to tackle the business and financial risks associated with disputes and fraud.

Due to the growing complexity of today's business environment, and the growing number of company investigations, our forensic accounting specialists are being increasingly called upon to assist in the investigation of disputes and issues.

Our accounting specialist teams draw upon their expertise of accounting services, audit and tax to help you tackle business and financial risks associated with disputes and fraud. We can help to: quickly identify financial abnormalities; introduce controls and procedures to mitigate future incidents of fraud; and we can also provide you with litigation support and expert witness testimonies. Although we are an accounting and bookkeeping company, we don't just focus on the numbers. We look beyond the financial information to deal with the business reality and the potential implications of the situation.

Our team's experience covers a full range of areas, including:

Corporate investigation accounting services

• Fraud, misappropriation and misrepresentation investigations, including: defalcation, false accounting, insider trading, investment fraud, tax evasion, VAT evasion, commodity fraud and IT fraud.
• Loss of profit claims arising from: breach of contracts, business interruption, infringement of intellectual property rights, personal injury and fatal accidents.
• Anti-money laundering.
• Matrimonial assets settlements.
• Insurance claims services.
• Professional negligence.
• Asset tracing, misappropriation, waste and embezzlement
• Fidelity claims

Bankruptcy services

• Bankruptcy fraud.
• Fraudulent conveyance actions
• Preferential payments
• Litigation support, including expert testimony
• Billing, earn-out, working capital and post-acquisition purchase price disputes
• Breach of fiduciary duty
• Director and officer liability
• Business interruption/insurance coverage disputes

Financial Statements Production

We can provide you with advice, support tools and training on all aspects of financial accounting and reporting.

If you require assistance with the preparation of final accounts and financial statements we will be able to help.

What will our financial statements production services give you?

• Improved quality of financial reporting and management information.
• Comfort that you are fully compliant with the relevant financial reporting standards and regulations.
• Help to improve your finance staff's knowledge and expertise on the key aspects of financial reporting standards.

Financial Projections

Helping you to improve your financial management.

Accurate and robust financial projections will help if you are seeking funding from a bank or private equity provider, or you want to have tighter control and have a better understanding of your future cash flow requirements, or you want to have more accurate budgeting process to help you manage the business.

Financial projections and what-if analyses can help your business to prepare for future challenges, providing a useful sense-check against budgets, incurred costs and anticipated future costs.

We can help you to produce financial projections for a wide range of purposes, including:

Start-up or established business seeking funding - projections required: three years projected accounts, profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow statements. 

Your business is seeking funding: for expansion, acquisition, purchasing new plant or machinery. 

Economic incentives and funding grants: we can help you to prepare financial projections to support your application. Using the latest financial modelling software and techniques, we can help your business to produce financial projections either on a one-off or an ongoing basis for a range of purposes.